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greening of america is finding new ways to make america a leader in the 21st century. neil: how do you do that, congressman, with someone who is, say, a biomedical expert at pfizer, or a top engineer at g.e., and he lost his job? what are they going to do for these guys? >> those are highly skilled. $10 billion. neil: i am telling you, that is the problem here. by and large, what is going on in corporate america is the issue here, and a lot of these folks for him to think you are finding jobs in the best interests, andiit ain't happening, so maybe than continuing to dig in that hole, we put that shovel down. >> i do not think the -- the administration has a problem with it, as well, and we have had an extension ends in november begin? we need to pass that safety reauthorization, and that is something -- and we have had an extension ends in november. we need to pass the safety and reauthorization. neil: i am sorry i am not more clear. that is my fault. i am wondering, if i am a ceo, i am wondering if the problem is more basic, sir, and by that, i mean there are a lot of bosses that realize
% of america is reasonably happy with their health care. why not spend the money to help the problems of the 20%? why not just set up a working system? we need to fix for reform. we need to get thecwa insurance companies selling across state lines. neil: thank you, gentlemen. a major applicator with a 20 anniversary, coming up. >> tear down this wall. neil: 20 years ago today 20,000 people did just that, tear down a wall. tens of thousands of people broke down in below wall, our next guest is concerned -- michael reagan, ronald reagan's son, joins us now. good to have you here. >> good to be with you. neil: your concern is that if your father looked at this event, something would have change in those 20 years? >> i have been here for about one week, honoring my father, as he often is in berlin for the speech that he gave in 1987. watching the speakers tonight, they just basically for got ronald reagan. -- forgot ronald reagan. you would think that they could and least mention the part that he played by taking a strong stand against communist aggression. neil: interestingly, mr. gorbachev, the l
off in the bill? he spent years as america's first, and security secretariat -- first homeland security secretary. what tom ridge makes of it brian: senator harry reid need 60 votes to begin debate on his health care bill tomorrow night. is he trying to buy one? a provision in the bill would give money to louisiana. it happens then an important -- that an important swing vote comes from the bayou state. we have the president of the bat in bruges -- baton rouge tea party. welcome to the program. is this good politics, or is this a payoff? >> this is absolutely not good politics. if we will craft responsible legislation, when you to look at the merits, and not focus on how we can add sweetness here and there for each senator on the bench. brian: the senator would say that this is just doing best for her constituents. >> the money is a one-time medicaid payment to our state. it is not a long-term solution to budgetary problems. we are taking a quick fix to make sure that cloture passes? we will not see long-term benefits. this will only be a payment for 1 budgetary year. what will
great prosperity to america and give us an opportunity to really innovate. cneil: but they are not above looking into your business or antitrust issues because a lot of folks are saying you're getting too big. >> we expect that, and the regulators have a job to do, and we expect an artist in the u.s. but also in europe. from our perspective, in terms of my message to the administration, it is really about innovation. google is an example of a company that can help invent new industries in america, can really bring jobs back, can really bring the kind of america that all of us want to be part up. advanced manufacturing, biotech, and the other things america is a world leader in. investments there and encouraging the private sector -- that works. neil: the president likes you personally. you are on a variety of his advisory boards. how'd you like him? >> on a personal basis, i like him a lot. very smart. he is a top thinker. one of the things that people did not see on the campaign was have decisive he was. given the set of problems that he has been handed, i think he has been quite decisi
, as soon as it is released to america, we have plenty of time. neil: six weeks is not time enough to make sure. >> it is a lifetime. 30 years is a lifetime. we have been working on national health care, other countries of the world have been working on it for years. i believe we are almost done. i think that the senators will have ample time to read over the bill. we will have national health care for the first time in our great country. 36 million americans at that do not now have insurance will have it. neil: that all sounds great. if you can get my voice in on this gravy train. >> if they graduate from high school they can own their own businesses, have their own jobs, give back to the community and be the young man that you want them to be. neil: i think that they know little bit already about basic math, and they are troubled, that is all i am saying. >> understandable. let them know that 95% of america is working well and we will close the gap for them. love you, appreciate you. neil: always good to have you. senator amy klobuchar, what does she know that we do not? and do we want t
to rediscover themselves, get right with ronald reagan, get right with the contract for america. a small-government conservatism, smaller, conservative, grass- roots uprising is there on your behalf. and i can tell you. there are troops small- government conservative people, and almost without exception, in the republican party, in congress, and these people find that they enjoy a marvelous support from the grass-roots uprising on behalf of small- government conservative as a. they are not going to support a republican or democrat -- on behalf of small-government conservatism. they will not support taking over major portions of the economy. neil: there are some of the republican targets they are going after. as we showed these guys and their names, where they are, -- as we show these guys and their names, where they are, you usher in the democrat who you really do not like. >> we have not seen that happen yet. where have you seen that happen? republicans lose the race the day they nominated their candidates in new york 23rd, -- their candidate in new york 23rd, and the independent is bri
jobs that anyone could have in law enforcement in america, and that is being the district attorney in new jersey, and this has given people the belief that i could actually be a good governor, so those kinds of questions are absolutely ridiculous, and if that is what the governor implies, he never said it when he voted for me in 2001 or he never said it in 2005 when he was falling all over himself when he was trying to take credit of my record when he was running for governor himself. neil: how much do you think this election in new jersey is about bigger things? the national economy? the jobless rate) a 10%? new jersey -- the jobless rate at 10%? >> in the end, this race is about me and jon corzine. jon corzine's record over the last four years, my record as the district attorney over the last seven years, and finally, what we hope to do for the future that our state will be affordable again, that our state will grow private-sector jobs again. i provide that help. the government provides more of the same. neil: of course, it is an industry that is still hurting, their fortunes tie
entitlement program when our social engineering programs have not worked. this is not where america should look to get their health care or health insurance. we should not look to the government, we should look to the private sector. neil: all right, star parker. could be too late, but we will see. let's it is not too late, because the senate has not voted. we still have opportunity to say no to what they are trying to do, making them go back and start over. neil: thank you very much. not the news that nancy wanted to hear, democrats thinking twice? remember the crowd read it? get ready for the crunch. neil: back to the new report that states that health care costs will rise under the house bill. thank you for being here, congressman. >> your last guest was wonderful, but she did not talk about what was in the report. it will save americans $200 billion out of pocket. there is a lot of good news in the report. what we need to focus on is the democratic leadership. you may not end up with a perfect bill, but we have a system that is unstable by everyone's judgment. what this report says is
, the democrats poured all of their resources in america and made a deal with scozzafava and pulled her in, but what i think is incredible is the showing that doug hoffman made there in a short period of time without any established backing to begin with. neil: well, he had a lot of established people, you, sarah palin, rush limbaugh. >> he was a long way down the road before i got -- i guess mine was the first endorsement, but he was a long way down the road before i stepped in. he had already proven himself, and before long, he had made it so that the republican nominee, who was a liberal candidate, the most liberal candidate in the race, could not win, so she dropped out, and he made a remarkable showing, just a remarkable politician who had never run for office before. i do not think the democrats will say, "do not pay attention to that beautiful horse. we have got a beautiful mousekete here." neil: here is what nancy pelosi had to say. >> from my perspective, we won last night. the republicans have held one seat since the civil war, and we won that seat, so from our standpoint, our ca
america. we have the means to fight these out of control bills through our courts, through the election process next year, and it is not just one person deciding what is right for the rest of america. neil: i want to thank you both. i would not mess with either of you guys, you know that, but thank you both very, very much. in the meantime, we are so focused on health-care, chuck norris says there is something bigger. @@ neil: all right, welcome back, everyone. we have been telling you about the market that keeps going north. a lot of m&a activity. hewlett-packard is back in the news again did remember when they bought compaq computer years ago, when carly fiorina was in charge? -- hewlett-packard is back in the news again. the deals continue. the gold rush continues, rising today for the eighth straight day, gold is selling at a record $1,114 per ounce. that is as the dollar touches a 15-month low. my wife is trying to take advantage of what is happening, but she found out all of the jewelry was costed. in the meantime, countdown to copenhagen -- all of the jury was costume. if my ne
there and see america. >> i am tired of spending. neil: was at the rally or me? >> i am a huge fan of yours. neil: you will have a big bill when you get older. how do you feel about that? >> i feel amazed and worried about my future. we're sick of the taxes. >> fight for us. stand up. do not give an inch. we will vote you out. >> we're taking on republican senators. you do not have a party label on this. >> i am saying i am tired of saying we the people are not the people. i do not care if they are democrat or republican. this needs to stop. >> i have got a show that i am fighting for my freedom. >> i want to pay my own health care and keep my health care. >> we, the people, not we, the government. neil: are you against this because it has big government written all over? or the figures don't add up? >> both. how could you put 30 million more people on the role of being in short and say it will not cost more money? that is a joke. neil: waste, fraud, and abuse. i ever democrats and republicans say it. americans are sick of hearing it. >> we have about the same number, and on 9-12, we had ne
: your view is quite the opposite, that we need the government doing less. >> just comparing america's performance against other major developing countries since the stimulus took effect, we are losing ground. the other countries that started in worse positions, we are going, and there is no confidence in consumers. neil: we always forget that mr. geithner was not a non-player last year in a lot of these rescues and bailouts. he was kind of a big deal in his own right. does this ever come up in discussion, that he did not just pop up january 20? >> it does, but they try to paper over that quickly. he was fed governor of new york, wall street was his purview. it was his district, and he had key roles in the bailout from day one. another reason why the tired excuse of blaming it on bush, it is not me who is not buying it. it is the american public who is not buying it. neil: congressman, always good having you. thank you very much. meantime, he could get tax by it or lose benefits from it, but he is all for it. i'm talking about harry reid's new health care bill and mayor ed koch. he i
, particularly america. it is a massive way of destroying jobs and promoting things like that in china and india, where they do not care about global warming or regulations. unfortunately, the scientists are anti-american, anti capitalist -- brian: can you imagine if these emails were opposing scientists who proved global warming? it would be an outrage. now we are trying to shove them in the corner. >> they're cutting of communications. there are now publishing e-mail. this is reprisal, and it is totally disingenuous. the great thing about journalism is that the media is saying that the should be kept secret because there are private. so a lot of public money is going. brian: thank you very much. we appreciate it. the white house party crashers to be in some serious trouble. and tiger woods is injured in a bizarre early morning crash at his own house. why is tiger woods leaving his home at 2:30 in the morning and backing in the fire hydrants? the latest is next. ⌟axozp7óú+l'?peeeeeeeee brian: another bizarre developing story. tiger woods involved in an early-morning crash pulling o
that we are crashing that summit? live at 4:00 p.m. with some of the biggest job creators in america. do not miss it. we are there and we are not leaving. all right, so what happens when your faith is dead? ñÑ?y@? neil: consumers have been working away at this cyber monday. , diamond dealers say that they are spending big time. the company is coming off of its best thanksgiving weekend ever. here to explain is the blue nile c eo. >> it has been a great weekend for us. website traffic orders and sales. neil: how do you undercut prices to the degree that you do? >> this is our online model. we do not have the cost of a store, so we are able to offer less than the typical jewelry store. what happens is that people in jewelry stores can feel intimidated, he can do all of the research he would like and have a fully customize products. neil: who do you turn it -- return it to? >> there are sales engagement proposals. we have a 30 day return policy, no questions asked. neil: you were telling me during the break that things had been picking up. was that an economic statement? >> certainly co
their hands up. >> citigroup was going to go. they were all going to go. neil: bank of america was on the brink. >> now it is time to cut the rope. let goldman sax, if they want to go, go for it, baby. if unemployment goes up to 11%, you talk to some analysts, we will have another banking crisis. citicorp is going to need to go back to the government or simple reasons. they hold consumer loans. those losses will outweigh, overcome the amount of money they are making on trades. that is going to happen. neil: amazing. he is a great reporter. thank you. not bad. scary stuff. good seeing you, buddy. thank you very much. when we come back, a lot more going on. he admitted to putting the whole thing, and the government is moving in next to ground zero. we want to personalize this a little more, to a mother who wants to see justice for her son. . >> i think this is a very dangerous decision, and an irresponsible one, and one that is absolutely unnecessary. neil: all right, rudy giuliani to the administration's plans to bring the 9/11 suspects to new york, and family members of the vic
to be convinced it's going to reduce the growth in our health care costs in america. just a week ago today i met with the head of the congressional budget office and he said the house bill doesn't move spending in a trajectory where it's lowering increases in health care costs. neil: he told you that? >> sure. he said it also in a letter to senator baucus a couple of weeks ago. so it's out there that the trajectory of health care costs under the house bill goes up in the out years. that's not reform. and i'll tell you, we can't sustain the path we're on. but if we're going to pass a health care bill, we ought to try to change that path. neil: you're saying, congressman that they're not. now, nancy pelosi says they are. one of you is misguided. >> well, i'll tell you what. there are two issues here. one is the measure of how much it affects the federal deficit. let me tell you something, neil. eastbound with costs growing at a huge amount, if you raise taxes enough, you can cover it so it doesn't add to the deficit. that doesn't sound so good to me. neil: so i think half of it roughly comes down
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16